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Privacy, Safety, Ethics and Terms of Use
Our company is committed to the highest standards of fairness, honesty and excellence as members of the global Internet community. That means that we will abide by a universal standard of ethics spelled out below, and promise to make this site safe, enjoyable, and educational for you, and your children or grandchildren.

We want you and your children to feel safe while visiting our site. Therefore we promise:

  • We will not collect identifiable information from you or your child.
  • If your child sends us an e-mail or letter or enters one of our contests, we will not sell or share that information with any other individuals or organizations.
  • If your child submits comments, artwork or anything else to us and it is posted on our site, he or she will be identified only by first names, age and state.
  • We try to link only to other sites that follow our educational and ethical values, but we cannot be responsible for the content or safety of others. We encourage families to monitor and discuss each site individually.

We promise:

  • To deliver what we promise.
  • To deal honestly and fairly with customers.
  • To provide responsible and quality content with the help of our educational and financial experts.
  • To protect children and families.
  • To make our site fun as well as educational for families, kids and grandparents.

We will:

  • Ensure, to the best of our ability, that no documents containing false statements are distributed on-line.
  • Include appropriate meta-tags in our website to assure content disclosure.
  • Promptly substantiate any statements or advertised claims upon request.
  • Employ the greatest of care, consideration, and courtesy when undertaking any unsolicited electronic advertising

Adherence to Laws
We will abide by all laws of any federal body which has governing jurisdiction in the locale where our business is registered.

Terms of Use
When you use this site, you agree to abide and accept all the terms listed below.

This site is owned and operated by Raindrop Entertainment®. All materials, including the piggy bank characters, Siggy and Miggy, and "The Piggy Bank Club" are the copyrighted property of Raindrop Entertainment®. All trademarks, trade names, and service marks are owned by Raindrop Entertainment®.

You may view and download materials on a single computer for your personal, non-commercial use, provided that you do not remove any legal or copyright notices from any downloaded material.

You may not modify, copy, distribute, reproduce, publish, or create derivative works from any of the materials on this site.

This site is intended to provide an introduction to basic money skills and concepts for very young children (ages 4-8 years) and their families. It is not intended to provide financial advice for investment or other purposes. Consult a registered financial advisor/company for specific investment advice.

Raindrop cannot at this time provide information appropriate for use in all countries, states or provinces. Discussion of coins, bills, and banking practices are based on U.S. standards.

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